Meet Butter Twist: Simple All-in-One Butter Tool


Make sure you measure the correct amount of butter every time

Turn the cutting ring 180 degrees to slice and dispense your butter

Spreading butter has never been easier

Keeping your kitchen hardware clean is essential

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Featured on Today Show

Butter Twist was featured on Today Show as one of the 14 products for a stress-free holiday season. Check it out.

What people are saying

"Love Butter? You NEED the Butter Twist!" 

- Unfinished Man

What people are saying

"This thing really makes it fast and easy to use butter while I cook, without dirtying any dishes or utensils."

- Sarah from Seattle

What people are saying

"The perfect gift for the grill master: Butter Twist"

- Mommy's Block Party

What people are saying

"This 5-in-1 Butter Tool is Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion"

- Swirled

What people are saying

"It is perfect for home chefs and professionals"

- Trend Hunter

Introducing: Butter Twist