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What is Butter Twist?

Butter Twist is the first all-in-one butter tool with the ability to easily dispense, spread, measure, and cut butter in a compact and premium design.

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Butter Twist’s intuitive multi-purpose design works as well in the kitchen as it does at the table or by the grill.

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The struggle is real

Butter is awesome, but dealing with the clumsy wrappers, messy dishes, and awkward knife that always falls off the plate isn’t fun. After months of trial and error (and copious amounts of butter consumed), we discovered a simple solution for spreading, measuring, cutting, and sharing butter.


Push the slider forward and spread butter onto a pan or directly on your food.


Every Butter Twist has markings at 1 Tablespoon increments, making it easy to measure accurately for your recipes.


Turn the cutting ring 180 degrees to splice and dispense your butter.


Since butter is secured safely inside, a Butter Twist is easy to pass around the table for everyone to use, regardless of age.


The Butter Twist is comprised of four simple parts that snap together. It quickly disassembles and all parts are dishwasher safe.


Simply push a new stick of butter down onto the barbs and snap the cutter back on. You are ready to go!


We designed Butter Twist to be as compact as possible so that it fits neatly in the fridge.

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