For the love of butter

We love butter. It tastes great on everything, and an increasing number of scientific studies are confirming its health benefits. As we began to use more butter, it became clear that there was an opportunity to make it easier to use. 

The struggle is real

Using butter creates messy dishes, clumsy wrappers, oily knives, crumby sticks, and dinner time fumbles. We set out to solve these problems, and after months of trial and error (and copious amounts of butter consumed) we finally nailed it.  

Quality matters

Our team has worked with companies including Google, Calphalon, Rubbermaid, etc. to bring dozens of high quality products to market. We are using only the highest quality BPA free polymers and stainless steel wire for Butter Twist, and it has been robustly designed to last. 


The main body of Butter Twist is made out of Eastman Tritan, which is a premium food grade polymer found in high end water bottles and other kitchen products. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe. Since the front can come in contact with hot surfaces, we made it out of food grade, heat resistant Nylon material that is commonly found in spatulas and other products that are made to interact with heat. Finally, the wire is made from food grade stainless steel with a diameter carefully selected to provide a clean cut. It is robust enough to stand up to the day-to-day use it will encounter.


BTTR Kitchen is a Prota Institute Project

Prota Institute is the world’s first remote-learning vocational school that teaches industrial design entrepreneurship and software development in the context of live startups, and - as a bonus - only charges tuition after landing a high-paying job. BTTR was formed while two of the software development founders of the school (Will and Perry) were learning - as part of an “alpha” testing cohort - how to build a tangible goods company from two of the school’s founders who are industrial design entrepreneurs (Kyle and Wilson). Learn more at protainstitute.com.